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Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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Fred Sampson wrote about offshoring in his column ("Pushing the Envelope," November-December 2005). He began by posing the question "How could any of our organizations oppose offshoring... and justify our existence to Asia-Pacific members at the same time?" He immediately answered his question: We could not. I do not argue with this premise. As an international organization, we have no business playing favorites with any nation. However, I would answer that we must support the growth of HCI worldwide rather than the shifting of our jobs from one place to another.

I believe that merely accepting offshoring quietly is unconscionable—that it is wrong for the United States government to acquiesce to its citizens losing their livelihoods. Mr. Sampson clearly does not. Whether or not we can have an impact upon this phenomenon is immaterial. I do not want to be on the record as supporting an ethically repugnant type of business reasoning. Nonetheless, we should be able to agree that creating new HCI jobs will be better for this world than simply replacing a job in one country with the same job overseas with no net gain.

Lastly, Mr. Sampson may not feel that being "a well-educated native of the United States guarantees [him] perpetual employment." If we are speaking in those terms, then I agree. However, governments have an obligation to ensure that those opportunities for employment exist. That's part of why I agree to be governed. If a government cannot provide us with safety and opportunities for a livelihood, then what is it good for?

—Michael Beasley
Usability Analysis and Design Intern, Thomson Gale
Farmington Hills, MI, USA

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