XII.4 July + August 2005
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Gerard Torenvliet

back to top  Web Engineering: Principles and Techniques

Woojong Suh (editor)

Idea Group Publishing, April 2005
ISBN: 1591404339    $74.95

back to top  Managing E-learning Strategies: Design, Delivery, Implementation and Evaluation

Badrul Huda Khan

Information Science Publishing, May 2005
ISBN: 1591406358    $59.95

back to top  Exploring the Art and Technology of Web Design

Ruth Ann Anderson

Thomson Delmar Learning, July 2005
ISBN: 1401871070    $39.95

back to top  Web Site Measurement Hacks

Eric T. Peterson

O'Reilly, August 2005
ISBN: 0596009887    $24.95

back to top  Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

Steve Krug

New Riders Press, 2nd ed., August 2005
ISBN: 0321344758    $35

back to top  The Semantic Web: Crafting Infrastructures for Agency

Bo Leuf

John Wiley & Sons, October 2005
ISBN: 0470015225    $85

back to top  Cornucopia Limited: Design and Dissent on the Internet

Richard Coyne

The MIT Press, October 2005
ISBN: 0262033364    $39.95

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Gerard Torenvliet
CMC Electronics
415 Leggett Drive, P.O. Box 13330
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2K 2B2

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