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IX.3 May 2002
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25-28 June 2002
The British Museum,
Gt. Russell Street,
London, UK

Interactive systems are increasingly embedded in the ways we live and work. Technical boundaries are evolving in many directions, from designing products that individuals use, to designing socio-technical systems that groups and communities use. Yet even experienced organizations are only now beginning to understand the skills, resources, and processes needed to produce results that respond to people's needs and desires. Improving our understanding of the processes of designing, and assessing the quality of interactive devices and systems have become key success factors in business. How can we move in new design directions? How can we gain insight into users' needs? Who must participate in the design process? What makes our designs successful?

DIS2002 aims to bring together all dimensions of design in a single conference. Together, we will confront the challenge of designing interactive systems that successfully meet users' needs and delight the people who use them. As with the previous DIS conferences, the goal of DIS2002 is to better understand the practice of designing interactive systems and how it can be improved. DIS2002 will extend our collective knowledge by sharing experiences of what works and how the highest quality results can be achieved.

bullet.gif Conference Structure

The program will be single-track, providing common ground among participants.

All authors of contributions included in the main session (26-28 June) will have the opportunity to briefly present and discuss their work. Sessions will include keynote plenaries, presentations of contributions in a panel format, exhibition sessions, student design contests and a "Design Open House" evening that builds on one of the highlights of DIS2000 in New York.

"Dimensions of Design" is an online discussion forum, hosted on the DIS2002 Web Site, that will act as a key resource covering the themes of the conference in the run up to it and for a period afterwards.

bullet.gif Conference Publication

Exhibits, papers and keynotes will be collected in a professionally designed and edited book, recording the new insights, questions, and answers we reach in a way that can assist other practitioners.

bullet.gif Plenary Speakers

  • Bill Moggridge, IDEO, USA
    A principal and founder of IDEO, the Palo Alto-based design consulting firm.
  • Tony Dunne and Fiona Raby, Royal College of Art, UK
    Senior research fellows and founding members of the Computer Related Design Research Studio at the Royal College of Art, London, Fiona Raby and Tony Dunne lead the Critical Design Unit.
  • Tom Moran, IBM, USA
    A Distinguished Engineer at IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose,
    Tom Moran was formerly Principal Scientist at Xerox PARC, and the founding Director of EuroPARC in Cambridge.

bullet.gif Panel: Education

  • John Maeda, MIT Media Lab, USA
    Associate Director of the MIT Media Laboratory, Maeda is also Director of the Aesthetics & Computation Group.
  • Pelle Ehn, School of Arts and Communication, Malmö, Sweden
    Pelle Ehn is a professor at the School of Arts and Communication at Malms University.
  • Gillian Crampton Smith, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy
    In 2000 Gillian Crampton Smith became director of the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, in northern Italy.

bullet.gif Panel: Design Exhibition

  • Ben Fry, moderator, MIT Media Lab, USA
    Benjamin Fry is a doctoral candidate at the MIT Media Laboratory.

bullet.gif Panel: Student Design Competitions

  • S. Joy Mountford, IDbias, USA
    Joy Mountford's experience encompasses innovative and pioneering interface developments ranging from airplanes to PCs to consumer electronics.

bullet.gif Panel: London Design Tour Preview

  • Nico Macdonald, Spy, UK
    Nico Macdonald is a writer focusing on design, technology and business.
    He co-programmed "Designing the Internet" (London 1996), which was the first major Internet design conference in Europe, and in 2000 co-programmed "Design for Usability" with Jakob Nielsen, which was the largest Internet-focused design conference in Europe to date.

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May 7-11
The 11th International World Wide Web Conference

Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

May 15-17
CADUI 2002
Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces
Valenciennes, France

May 22-24
AVI 2002
Advanced Visual Interfaces
Trento, Italy

May 22-25
WWDU 2002
World wide work with information and communications technology
Berchtesgaden, Germany

May 27-29
VI 2002
15th International Conference on Vision Interface
Calgary, Canada

May 27-29
Graphics Interface
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

May 29-31
AH 2002
2nd International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web Based Systems
Malaga, Spain

May 30-31
EGVE 2002
8th Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments
Barcelona, Spain

June 3-6
Make IT Easy
7th Annual conference
San Jose, CA, USA

June 4-7
COOP 2002
5th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems
Saint Raphaël, France

June 10-14
DAC '02
39th Design Automation Conference
New Orleans, LA, USA

June 11-13
2nd International Symposium on Smart Graphics
Hawthorne, NY, USA

June 11-15
Hypertext '02
College Park, Maryland, USA

June 24-29
World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications
Denver, CO, USA

June 25-28
Designing Interactive Systems
London, UK

July 2-3
1st Ibero-American Symposium in Computer Graphics
Guimarães, Portugal
University of Minho, School of Engineering

July 6-7
Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Computer Graphics Education
Bristol, UK

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