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VIII.3 May/June 2001
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Digital Citation

Conference preview

Marisa Campbell

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Explore the theory, application, evolution, future, and fun of interaction and digital images at the 28th annual conference, to be held in Los Angeles this summer. SIGGRAPH 2001's technical program will consist of Papers, Panels, Courses, Sketches & Applications, an Educators Program, and a Creative Applications Lab. In addition, there will be the exhibition, Computer Animation Festival, Art Gallery: N-Space, Emerging Technologies, The Studio, SIGGRAPH 2001 Online, SIGGRAPH TV, Pathfinders 2001, Special Sessions, and more.

For more information visit the SIGGRAPH Web site at:

back to top  Technical Program

bullet.gif Courses

These full-day, half-day, instructional sessions teach the how and why of all aspects of computer graphics and interactive techniques, including how to improve their application and use them to achieve practical results in the real world.


  • Obtaining 3-D Models With a Hand-Held Camera
  • A Survey of Color for Computer Graphics
  • A Primer on Shapes: Curves and Surfaces
  • Developing Efficient Graphics Software
  • Advanced Global Illumination

bullet.gif Papers

The finest international forum for disseminating ground-breaking, provocative research results in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The three categories of Papers (research, system, and alternative) are on the latest advances in computer graphics, computer animation, computer games, internet-based imaging and graphics, robotics, audio, haptics, medicine, biology, visualization, and related topics.

bullet.gif Panels

Activists, theorists, artists, engineers, and executives explore the burning issues that are defining computer graphics and interactive techniques today and tomorrow. Debates, speculation, and audience input on computer graphics, interactive techniques, and their applications follow the presentations given.

bullet.gif Sketches & Applications

Informal presentations by researchers, artists, animators, and engineers on advanced research, artistic adventures, next year's technologies, production breakthroughs, and non-idle speculation.

bullet.gif Educators' Program

A forum where the edge between learning and doing disappears. Exchange ideas on innovation and creative uses of computer graphics and interactive techniques for learning.

bullet.gif Creative Applications Lab (CAL)

Where presenters in other SIGGRAPH 2001 programs demonstrate their work and explain its potential. Share critiques and suggestions with other attendees. Post-session CAL activities are available for many Courses, Papers, Panels, Sketches & Applications, and Educators Program presentations.

back to top  Conference Programs & Activities

bullet.gif Keynote Address/Awards

Danny Hillis, chairman and chief technology officer of Applied Minds, Inc. and co-chairman of The Long Now Foundation, presents the SIGGRAPH 2001 keynote address.

Immediately before the keynote address, ACM SIGGRAPH presents the 2001 Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics, the Computer Graphics Achievement Award, and the Significant New Researcher Award.

bullet.gif Exhibition

Over 300 international exhibitors offer their hardware, software, and services that empower the worldwide computer graphics industry. Discover, understand, and select the new-generation tools that empower your interaction and digital images.

bullet.gif Exhibitor Forums

In seminars and demos, companies present essential information on new technologies and how to use them.

bullet.gif Computer Animation Festival 2001: A Digital Odyssey

The world-renowned showcase for computer-generated masterpieces and accomplishments in film and video, motion graphics, and interactive techniques. Selections are presented in a multiplex format of daily screenings in three Animation theaters, and in the Electronic Theater matinée and evening shows at the Shrine Auditorium.

bullet.gif Art Gallery: N-Space

An exhibition that takes viewers—via N-Space—to a place where ideas and expression are rich and artistic freedom is unconstrained by dimension. The art embodies thought that goes beyond labels into an unlimited digital frontier, beyond the medium to a place where it acts as a conduit for the message.

bullet.gif Emerging Technologies

Features the latest developing technologies that enable and promote play: design and interactivity, robotics and display systems, prototypes and collaborative endeavors in innovative applications of new technologies and adventurous speculation.

bullet.gif The Studio

2-D and 3-D output of attendees' own creations using state-of-the-art interactive technologies. In this year's special Studio event, the Digital Chef 2001, techno teams compete to produce the most innovative output project. Throughout SIGGRAPH 2001, the Studio hosts tutorial sessions.

bullet.gif SIGGRAPH 2001 Online

A place where the content of the annual SIGGRAPH 2001 conference is available during the other 51 weeks of the year.

bullet.gif SIGGRAPH TV

Information and entertainment, direct from the Los Angeles Convention Center to a worldwide audience.

bullet.gif Pathfinders 2001

Mentors and guidance for newcomers to the SIGGRAPH conference. Offers information, consultation or expert recommendations.

bullet.gif Special Sessions

  • 2001 in 2001: How a Completely Analog Film Inspired a Digital Revolution
    In 1968, Stanley Kubrick created a motion picture that defined the future and our place in it. But his masterpiece did much more. It defined an industry and inspired an era of filmmaking. In this special session, industry veterans and historians discuss and assess "2001," its influence on today's films, and how its influence will extend into the 21st century.
  • A Guided Tour of the New Silicon Senses
    Sensory explorers describe a future where computing strategies and digital devices enhance, heighten, and repair the human sensorium. In The Silicon Senses' interactive area, the explorers talk with attendees and demonstrate their technologies.
  • Virtual Stars
    Animators and technical directors from Sony Pictures Imageworks explain how they create digital photo-realistic actors for leading roles in 21st-century films.
  • Masters of the Game
    Winners of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 2001 Interactive Achievement craft awards present their work in game design, game play engineering, character and story development, art direction, visual engineering, animation, and sound design.
  • Web 3D RoundUp
    The interactive event for interactive content. Web3D content developers and toolmakers demonstrate the latest technology and applications in a fast-paced shootout. The audience selects the best of the best from over 25 pre-selected presenters.

bullet.gif Fundamentals Seminar

Computer graphics jargon, concepts, techniques, and technologies explained by the experts, in plain English. The best starting point for attendees who are new to computer graphics and interactive techniques.

bullet.gif Birds of a Feather

Attendee-organized sessions on shared interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds. At the conference, the Birds of a Feather schedule board facilitates impromptu gatherings.

bullet.gif Career Center

SIGGRAPH 2001 hosts the world's largest annual career center for companies and job-seekers in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Employers post job openings and schedule interviews with candidates. Prospective employees post résumés, show their demo reels, and consult with experienced professionals about career opportunities.

bullet.gif Job Fair

Nine hours of non-stop opportunity. Employers and attendees compare requirements and experience, review demo reels, and negotiate career options.

back to top  Calendar

May 11-13
EHCI 2001 An Interaction Odyssey
The 8th IFIP Working Conference on Engineering for Human-Computer Interaction

Toronto, Canada

May 28-June 1
The 5th International Conference on Autonomous Agents
Montreal, Canada

May 31-June 1
UIDIS 2001
2nd International Workshop on User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems

June 18-21
PIC 2001: People in Control UMIST, Manchester

June 18-22
DAC '01
38th Design Automation Conference

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV, USA

June 25-30
World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications

Tampere, Finland

June 27-29
2nd Conference on Pleasure-Based Human Factors Design

July 9-13
Interact 2001
8th IFIP TC.13 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Waseda University Conference Centre, Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan

July 13-17
8th International Conference on User Modeling

Sonthofen, Germany

July 29-August 1
CAES 2001
Internation Conference on Computer-Aided Ergonomics and Safety

Outriger Wailea Resort
Mani, Hawaii, USA

July 29-August 3
WCCE 2001
7th World Conference on Computers in Education
Networking the Learner

Copenhagen, Denmark

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