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XIV.6 November + December 2007
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Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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Free at last! We finally reach the end of our term as EICs. It has been three rewarding years. We are confident that <interactions> will ascend to new heights under the guidance of Richard Anderson and Jon Kolko. We cannot imagine two better successors; we pass the baton to them with great anticipation. See Richard and Jon's greeting in Signing On, and our complementary Signing Off as the outgoing Editors-in-Chief.

"Free at last!" is also the theme for our special issue on HCI issues in open source software. Guest editors Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson and Yann Cheri pulled together an array of articles and case studies on the challenges of working with open source. Open source software has its special challenges since it is typically subject to the management of its community, and many open source software developers see themselves as maverick programmers. This special section looks at how HCI professionals can learn to ride alongside the mavericks instead of reining them in, to become positive contributors to the open source community.

This issue also includes a retrospective of our three-year tenure. We hope this look back will jog your memory with articles useful for classroom discussion, project work, and food for thought. Remember, whether you subscribe to the ACM Digital Library or not, as a SIGCHI member you can access all SIGCHI content online, including <interactions> articles.

This issue's Fast Forward is well worth a read, showing a slice of cross-cultural life in Aaron Marcus's review of the recent HCII conference in Beijing. And Liam Friedland's Flashback article on offshoring is a complementary topic.

Last, as you can see from the photo accompanying this column, we are older and wiser, as are our children. Unlike the children in the similar family picture that graced our opening issue, Jonathan's daughter Sarah now walks, talks, paints, and sings, while Elizabeth's daughter Rianneke is already a teenager entering high school at School of the Arts; her son is a master of videogames. Our partners, Minne and Dave, will be happy to have our attention going forward—every volunteer with a family knows how difficult it can be to balance family life with volunteer obligations. In closing, we'd like to acknowledge the essential support from our families, whose understanding allowed us to steal precious family time to devote to this magazine in which we believe so dearly.

Jonathan Arnowitz and Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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