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VII.5 Sept./Oct. 2000
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Steven Pemberton

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In the flurry around the news of interactions becoming the SIGCHI member publication last issue, I didn't get a chance to mention how great the CHI conference had been this year.

Held only for the second time in its 18-year history outside of North America, all eyes were on the registration figures to see if it would be a success. The great news is that it was the best-attended CHI ever, which goes to show how successful SIGCHI has been in showing it is a truly world-wide organization.

Although there was strong attendance from the USA, and of course the Netherlands (since that was where the conference was held), there was an immense number of countries represented, and I thought it would be interesting to see how attendance was reflected per capita of the countries involved.

The amazing figure was that Finland came out on top with an attendance of 25 per million inhabitants. The Netherlands was next at 22, then Sweden at 20 and Norway and Denmark at around 12. After that we had Switzerland, Austria, USA, Israel, and the UK in the 3-4 range! Think how big CHI would be if the USA produced 25 attendees per million population...

Publishers often time the release of new user-interface books with the CHI conference, and one book released there this year was GUI Bloopers: Don'ts and Do's for Software Developers and Web Designers by Jeff Johnson, and published by Morgan Kaufmann.

In this issue Jeff tells us about some of the textual bloopers that he has come across in user interfaces, an interesting topic, since in graphical user interfaces, it is often forgotten that text has a user interface too. I hope you enjoy it.

Steven Pemberton

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