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IX.5 September 2002
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The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications


Julie A. Jacko & Andrew Sears


Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002

  ISBN 080583834



The Human-Computer Interaction Hand-book: Fundamentals,
  Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications
is a
  comprehensive survey of a fast-paced field that will be of
  interest to all HCI practitioners, educators, consultants and
  researchers, including computer scientists, industrial
  engineers, electrical and computer engineers, cognitive
  scientists, experimental psychologists, human factors
  professionals, interface designers, systems designers,
  product managers and executives working with product


This new handbook offers a comprehensive compendium of
  foundational principles, as well as recent advances in
  conceptualizing, designing and evaluating computing
  technologies. It spans a variety of traditional and
  non-traditional platforms including desktop computing,
  networked environments, mobile computing, virtual
  environments and information appliances. In addition, the
  volume offers coverage of interaction issues concerning
  diverse users, including men, women, children, the elderly
  and those with cognitive, physical and perceptual
  impairments. In addition, HCI is presented in the context of
  special application domains, such as e-commerce,
  telecommunication, government, healthcare, educational
  software, entertainment, games, motor vehicles, and


In this volume, a number of top experts in the field of
  HCI share their expertise, experience and insight regarding
  research, technological advancements and specific
  methodologies in the field of human-computer interaction.


Table of Contents:


I. The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction: From Memex
  to Bluetooth and Beyond

  II. Humans in HCI

  III. Computers in HCI

  IV. Human–Computer Interaction

  V. Application Domains

  VI. The Development Process

  VII. Managing HCI and Emerging Issues

  VIII. Perspectives on HCI


Interface Design: Effective Designs of Graphical User Interfaces for the Web and Multimedia Pages


Alistair Dabbs


Watson-Guptill, 2002

  ISBN: 0823025160



From mobile phones and desktop computers to washing
  machines and micro-wave ovens, the graphical user in-terface
  (GUI) is a part of everyday life. Interface Design traces
  these amazing developments and offers tested techniques and
  practical advice for constructing clear, dynamic GUIs that
  combine functionality with cutting-edge design. Readers will
  find an in-depth overview of the various graphic elements of
  an interface, including icons, thumbnails, color palettes,
  and dialogue boxes. They’ll also find a discussion on the
  interfaces used by popular animation and 3-D software
  packages, and learn how to design interfaces that aid
  efficient navigation with links. There are also hundreds of
  full-color examples of the best in interface design.


Alistair Dabbs is a freelance journalist specializing
  in digital imaging, graphic arts, and pre-press. He lives in
  London, England.


User-Centred Requirements Engineering


Alistair Sutcliffe


Springer Verlag, 2002

  ISBN: 1852335173



User-Centred Requirements Engineering: Theory and
reviews requirements engineering research and
  practice over the past 10 years. In this book, Alistair
  Sutcliffe introduces the field of Requirements Engineering,
  and describes a framework for RE research and practice to
  date. He explains the psychological background behind RE
  problems—providing some understanding about why RE is
  difficult and how human understanding can cause the problems
  we observe in getting requirements right. The book discusses
  communication and requirements analysis, and gives practical
  guidance for requirements elicitation, modelling and
  validation, along with details of a practical RE method for
  scenario-based requirements analysis and requirements for
  safety critical systems. While primarily a research text for
  graduate courses, this book is also intended as a useful
  reference for practitioners who want an in-depth treatment of
  the subject to date.


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