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VII.4 July 2000
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What’s happening: programs for professional design

Marisa Campbell

back to top  Program for Professional Design

The Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics (CRCG) is offering the International Certificate Program for New Media (ICPNM) in Providence, RI. According to the Fraunhofer Center, the purpose of this program is to enhance websites visually as well as functionally, and to combine design, computer science and media managements.

This intensive nine-month training program, which begins in October 2000 and ends in June 2001, offers flexible training opportunities alongside traditional exercises, lectures, and seminars. Students will learn everything that is needed to develop high-quality presentations in the New Media field.

During the first six months, participants will concentrate on gaining relevant knowledge and skills using the tools that are needed to design documents and presentations. Once participants are familiar with these techniques, they will spend the last three months of the program honing their skills by assisting with current CRCG projects. Students will also focus on 3-D modeling, animation, multimedia design and production, website development, as well as design and development of user interfaces for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix platforms.

This program is open to graduates of computer science and design, professionals in the fields of IT, media, design, and marketing. ICPNM is also suited for professionals from other areas or related disciplines and allows them to work intensively with new technologies for multimedia presentations, desktop publishing or cross-media publishing.

Registration ends on September 1, 2000.

For more information and registration forms, visit or contact:

  • Dr. L. Miguel Encarnação
  • Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics
  • 321 South Main Street
  • Providence, RI 02903
  • USA
  • Fax: +1 401 453 0444
  • Email:

back to top  Sidebar: One-Day Course

"Presenting Data and Information," will be given by Edward Tufte on August 14-16 at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago and on September 6-8 at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. Topics covered in this one-day course include:

  • Fundamental strategies of information design
  • Color and information
  • Statistical data: tables, graphics, and semi-graphics
  • Complexity and clarity
  • Effective presentations: on paper and in person.
  • Use of video, overheads, computers, and handouts
  • Multi-media, internet, and websites
  • Design of information displays in public spaces
  • Animation and scientific visualizations
  • Design of computer interfaces and manuals

All course attendees will receive copies of Edward Tufte's three books on information design: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Envisioning Information, and Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative

For more information about fees and registration, call (203) 272-9187 or (203) 250-7007.

back to top  Sidebar: One-Day Workshops at Interactive Factory

Basic Dreamweaver: WYSIWYG Web Tool
July 26/August 2 & 10

Learn to design web pages using tables and frames. Create forms with Dreamweaver's visual layout tools and learn about formatting, adding images, creating image maps, and imbedding animations in your web pages. This course also introduces Javascript behaviors, including rollover images and the open browser window.

Basic Director: Interactive Authoring & Animation
July 12/August 24

This workshop is designed to introduce the Director interface: the cast, score, stage, paint, control panel, and tool windows. Learn to incorporate graphics, sound, video, animation, and text into your Director projects.

Basic Flash: Web Animation & Interactivity
July 13 & 31/August 9 & 29

In this workshop, participants will learn to use the vector-based drawing tools in Flash to create web animations that include sound, clickable buttons and interactivity.

For more information about other workshops contact Interactive Factory, 368 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210 or visit the website:

back to top  Sidebar: Call for Papers

Web3D 2001
Paderborn, Germany
February 19-22, 2001

The annual Web3D Symposium brings together researchers, developers, experimenters, content creators and those interested in using, enhancing or creating the new 3D technology on the web. This includes VRML, X3D, Java3D and MPEG-4, among others.

This four-day conference will consist of courses, workshops, peer-reviewed papers and panels. A variety of different events will be organized during the evening.


Web3D 2001 will accept papers in the following categories: applications, research and systems. All content must be innovative and important to the advancement of 3D technologies on the web. An international program committee will review all submitted papers. Papers should be submitted in electronic form.


Panels will ideally address current burning issues in the Web3D community. A good panel will be of interest to the audience, have informed, opinionated, controversial speakers and be focused enough to have a coherent discussion.

Workshops and Courses

Web3D 2001 is looking for a number of dynamic workshops to discuss, and courses to teach techniques and uses of Web3D technologies.


Paper: October 13, 2000
Courses submission: October 23, 2000
Panel submission: November 17, 2000
Workshops submission: November 17, 2000
Notification of Acceptance: November 24, 2000
For more information visit or contact Stephan Diehl at

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