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VIII.2 March 2001
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Steven Pemberton

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As an Englishman in Dutch surroundings, my colleagues tease me that in England if something happens once it's an anomaly, and if it happens twice it's a tradition. Well, in this spirit, welcome to the traditional annual interactions special design issue!

This issue is the second in a currently planned triptych of special design issues timed to coincide with the CHI conference, and one of the largest issues we have ever produced.

If you recall, in this issue a year ago, I said that the special design issue had arisen in an attempt to give more visibility to design within the interaction community. Well, more has happened since then, with designers getting involved in the executive committee of SIGCHI, and design events being planned for coming CHI conferences (watch for them if you are going). So it looks like the design community is beginning to get the visibility it has long been seeking.

Once again this issue is due in large measure to the untiring work of Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson who deserves our praise and applause for such great work.

Steven Pemberton

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