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Issue: XIX.2 March + April 2012
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Connie Golsteijn and Elise van den Hoven

Cueb is a set of interactive photo cubes that aims to encourage parents and teenagers to explore digital photos of their individual and shared experiences, reminisce, and exchange stories. Family members each have their own cube with photos of their individual experiences. Shaking a cube will randomly display photos on six sides. Connecting cubes by holding them together will display photos of the family members' shared experiences. Photos can be transferred between cubes and locked for use as a selection filter to find related photos. This generates surprising photo results and allows parents and teenagers to compare their experiences.

Project website:

Publication: Golsteijn, C. and van den Hoven, E. Facilitating parent-teenager communication through interactive photo cubes. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (Dec. 2011). Online first; DOI 10.1007/s00779-011-0487-9


* Authors

Connie Golsteijn | Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]

Elise van den Hoven | Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]