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Issue: XXI.5 September + October 2014
Page: 6
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Heejeong Heo, Hyungkun Park, Seungki Kim, Jeeyong Chung, Geehyuk Lee, Woohun Lee

What would it be like to allow people to see each other through an interactive transparent display? We propose a concept called TransWall, which allows users to experience collocated face-to-face multimodal interactions through a transparent display. To implement this concept, we made a see-through display touchable on both sides and added more interaction possibilities, such as audio capabilities and vibrotactile feedback. TransWall enables people to see, hear, or even touch other people through the display while enjoying both the content and the interpersonal communication.

Transwall CHI2014 Video Preview from Heejeong Heo on Vimeo.

Heo, H., Park, H-K, Kim, S., Chung, J., Lee, G., and Lee, W. Transwall: A transparent double-sided touch display facilitating co-located face-to-face interactions. CHI 2014 Extended Abstracts. ACM, New York, 2014, 435–438.

Heo, H., Kim, S., Park, H., Chung, J., Lee, G., and Lee, W. TransWall. ACM SIGGRAPH 2013 Emerging Technologies. ACM, New York, 2013, Article 14.

Heejeong Heo, KAIST
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Seungki Kim, KAIST
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Jeeyong Chung, KAIST
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Geehyuk Lee, KAIST
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Woohun Lee, KAIST
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