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Remnance of Form

Issue: XXII.4 July - August 2015
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Sang-won Leigh, Asta Roseway, Ann Paradiso

Remnance of Form is an interactive installation that explores the dynamic tension between an object and its shadow. By fusing light, projection, and motion technologies, the shadow can now detach itself from its former role. This creates a new narrative that challenges our perception of reality, and even the simplest objects can be seen as sophisticated and personified. Through several playful vignettes, the shadow interacts with viewers' presence and body posture, as well as their manipulation of the light source creating the shadow.

Remnance of Form from Sang Leigh on Vimeo.

Remnance of Form (alternative version) from Sang Leigh on Vimeo.

Leigh, S-W., Roseway, A., and Paradiso, A. Remnance of Form: Altered reflection of physical reality. TEI 2015 Art Exhibition, 2015.

Sang-won Leigh, MIT Media Lab
[email protected]

Asta Roseway, Microsoft Research

Ann Paradiso, Microsoft Research