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Issue: XXIII.6 November-December 2016
Page: 10
Digital Citation
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Joanne Lo, Jung Lin Lee, Nathan Wong, David Bui, Eric Paulos

Skintillates is a wearable technology that mimics tattoos—the oldest and most commonly used on-skin displays in human culture. This technology is capable of providing many forms of sensing and display, and it interfaces with other electronic devices. Just like traditional temporary tattoos often worn by children and adults, Skintillates flex naturally with the user's skin. Our simple fabrication technique enables users to freely design and print with a full range of colors to create customized designs for on-skin sensing and display applications.

Lo, J. et al. Skintillates: Designing and creating epidermal interactions. Proc. of the 2016 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems. ACM, New York, 2016.

Joanne Lo, Doris Jung Lin Lee, Nathan Wong, David Bui, and Eric Paulos, University of California, Berkeley
[email protected]