Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Collidoscope

Issue: XXV.1 January + February 2018
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Ben Bengler, Fiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns

Collidoscope is an interactive, collaborative musical instrument that allows for seamlessly recording, manipulating, exploring, and performing real-world sounds. Via built-in microphones, players can record sounds (e.g., their voice) into Collidoscope and then explore these using large sliders alongside the displayed waveforms. In this way, players can move through the sounds, play them back at different speeds, freeze them at a particular position, loop part of them, or layer snippets on top of each other. This results in novel sound textures and timbres, which can then be played via the keyboard, allowing for both musical and explorative interaction.

Bengler, B., Martin, F., Bryan-Kinns, N., and Sheridan, J. Collidoscope: Let's ride the waves of sound. Art.CHI II workshop: Digital Art in a Post-Digital World (CHI'16);

CHI2016 Art.CHI 2016 Digital Catalog (CHI'16)

(Open source version):

Ben Bengler, University College London, Intel ICRI Cities/UCLIC

[email protected]

Fiore Martin, Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Digital Music (C4DM)

Nick Bryan-Kinns, Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Digital Music (C4DM)

ins01.gif Two players "jamming" with Collidoscope.