Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Rain Season

Issue: XXVI.1 January - February 2019
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Ai-Hsuan Chou

Rain Season interacts with raindrops. Consisting of two digital devices and one analog device, this work puts rainy days in a new perspective. The concept behind it is to reveal the mysteries of rain.

Raindrops fall on flowers and roof tiles, and into puddles. Respectively, this reflects the movements raindrops can cause, the sounds they can create, and the appearance they can have. As raindrops drip, what do they dream of and where do they feel like going?

Ai-Hsuan Chou, Shih-Chien University
[email protected]

ins06.gif Rain Season's flower element reacts to the movement of falling raindrops.

ins07.gif Rain Season's puddle element reflects raindrops back into the world.

ins08.gif Rain Season's roof-tile element emits sounds triggered by falling raindrops.