Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Jelly Drops

Issue: XXVI.3 May - June 2019
Page: 8
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Jelly Drops are hydrating treats that empower people with dementia to hydrate more often, and independently. This is a crucial need, as one third of all dementia deaths can be attributed to dehydration. A number of reasons cause people dealing with dementia to stop drinking, such as no longer being aware of thirst. Therefore, we developed a solid form of hydration that could be disguised as a sweet. It is based on the observation that many dementia patients find eating with their hands intuitive and can recognize the form of a chocolate box. This triggers a familiar interaction, and further promotes social interaction between carers and residents.

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Lewis Hornby
[email protected]

ins03.gif Jelly Drops empower people with dementia to hydrate more often.