Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Seeing the Wonder

Issue: XXVII.5 September - October 2020
Page: 15
Digital Citation
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Robert Fraher, Laurel Fraher

The global number of people grieving a loved one is enormous. Seeing the Wonder is an app designed to help people process their grief and inspire them to embrace life. The app comprises two components. The first allows users to explore an interactive narrative. This narrative synthesizes traditional humanities media (e.g., literature, visual art, music) into a rich digital experience. The second extends ideas from the narrative into a reflective journaling activity. This activity is based on grief and bereavement theory and borrows from models and case studies in the areas of cognitive-behavioral therapy and creative art therapy.



Robert Fraher, University of Wisconsin-Stout
[email protected]

Laurel Fraher, HappyLove Studios
[email protected]

ins02.gif An app designed to help the bereaved process their grief and embrace life.