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Spawns: A Collection of Eating Accessories Designed with Artisanal Intelligence

Issue: XXX.6 November - December 2023
Page: 10
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Giorgio Olivero (Giosampietro)

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Spawns is a collection of silverware featuring a signature look and a unique feel, providing new and unseen opportunities for usage. The products are dreamy in their design and crafted with impeccable quality and precision thanks to a collaboration with one of the most renowned silversmith factories in Italy.

The process behind the collection is what the creative company Oio and jewelry brand and hypercraft designer Giosampietro call artisanal intelligence: a new design process involving a constant dialogue between human designers and a series of artificial intelligences, at different steps along the development line.

ins01.gif Excerpt from Spawns' training dataset.

To create Spawns, we curated a dataset of several thousand images representing different tableware accessories—spoons and forks and knives from past centuries—and used those images to train a generative algorithm. The latter was used to generate new tableware designs, from which we selected the most interesting images—the ones hinting at new forms and functionalities. These were then interpreted by Giosampietro, who crafted a custom parametric 3D-modeling system to translate the 2D low-resolution input images into a series of finished designs that could be industrially manufactured.

To create Spawns, we curated a dataset of several thousand images representing different tableware accessories and used those images to train a generative algorithm.

ins02.gif Spawn #22.
ins03.gif Spawn #22.
ins04.gif Spawns #83 / #51 / #22.
ins05.gif Brass and polyamide prototypes at Greggio Argenterie.

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Giorgio Olivero (Giosampietro) is a designer, curator, and creative director with a background in interaction design. He cofounded design studio Todo and served as chief design officer at Arduino, where he significantly shaped its design direction. He later became a guest curator at OGR Torino and is now venturing into jewelry design under the name Giosampietro, a project born out of the joyful clash between traditional craftsmanship and the speed of the extreme present. [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/giosampietro/

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London-based, award-winning creative company Oio was cofounded in 2020 by start-up founder and former Google designer Matteo Loglio and fiction writer, futurist, and designer Simone Rebaudengo. Oio is a team of humans and machines on a mission to turn emerging technologies into an accessible, everyday, and sustainable reality by helping big companies and small start-ups design products and tools for a less-boring future. https://oio.studio/

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