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Unfinished Farewell

Issue: XXX.1 January - February 2023
Page: 8
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Jiabao Li

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As Covid-19 spreads across the globe and the number of deaths continues to rise, the heartbreaking experiences are being replaced by collective mourning. As the saying goes, "The death of one man is a tragedy; the death of millions is a statistic."

Unfinished Farewell is an online platform to document the people who have left us because of the pandemic. The website includes the help-seeking information they posted before they passed away. We hope to provide a space for family members to release their grief and for the public to mourn.

Behind every number is a life.

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Additional team members on this project include Laobai Wu, Kally Wu, Min Zhu, Amo, and Lu Wang.

ins01.gif You enter each individual's space by clicking "Farewell" (shown below). You can then see the help-seeking information they posted before they passed away. You can also leave a message. All the messages that people send will float in the space.
ins02.gif Portraits of the deceased. As soon as your finger lingers on the person's face, the image scatters and vanishes. You don't have a chance to really get to know this person—they just fade away.

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Jiabao Li creates new ways for humans to perceive the world. She works across species, nature, and belief structures and creates works addressing climate change, interspecies world sharing, humane technology, and a just, sustainable future. [email protected]

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