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Heart_Bit Lamp

Issue: XX.1 January + February 2013
Page: 10
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Gloria Ronchi and Claudio Benghi

Aether & Hemera's Heart_Bit is an interactive lamp that provides not only an ambient white light but also an emotional red accent that triggers at the exact same rhythm as the user's pulse. When you touch the sensor your heartbeat is transformed into lighting effects. People can experience their heartbeats and see their pulses represented through "choreographic light" in an attempt to make visible something that is normally only audible—to make it more public and to share it. The aim is to provoke emotions and memories, elicit empathic connections, and uncover perceptions, embodying them in a different medium.

Project website:

Gloria Ronchi | Aether & Hemera | [email protected]

Claudio Benghi | Northumbria University | [email protected]