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Herzfassen (Take Heart)

Issue: XIX.6 November + December 2012
Page: 6
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Monika Hoinkis

Herzfassen is a self-contained kinetic object that uses physical computing and biometric data to provide an aesthetic and sensual experience while maintaining an ordinary outer appearance: a metal bowl filled with water. When someone touches the handles, the human heartbeat is detected and represented through vibration and patterns on the water's surface. People are invited to explore and engage with their own physicality, as well as interact with others to create a social dynamic around the responsive object.

Project website:

Publication: Monika Hoinkis. Herzfassen: A responsive object. Proc. of CHI 2012 Extended Abstracts. ACM, New York, 2012.

Monika Hoinkis
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam | Berlin University of the Arts | [email protected]


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