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Drawing Tool

Issue: XIX.5 September + October 2012
Page: 6
Digital Citation
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Shahar Zaks

Drawing Tool is a conceptual art piece intended to provoke discussion on the subject of authorship and originality through the means of an interactive experience, taking the familiar experience of photography and translating it to the quintessentially creative domain of drawing. The goal is to create a cognitive dissonance that encourages reflection on the experience.

At the same time, Drawing Tool has a practical use as a tool for assisted drawing. In a way similar to how one would use a camera to take a photo of an existing scene, Drawing Tool may be used for creative tracing of a predetermined pattern. While the machine controls the larger-scale composition, users are free to exercise their full creative freedom over the details of the drawing.


Project website:

Publication: Zaks, S. Drawing Tool. Proc. of TEI 2012 (Kingston, Ontario, Canada). Feb. 19-22, 2012.

Shahar Zaks
[email protected]