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Lovely Rita

Issue: XIX.5 September + October 2012
Page: 6
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Minhye Lee, Romy Achituv

Lovely Rita is a dress constructed of slits controlled by nickel zippers that double as light controllers. The design of the dress is modified by selectively attenuating the radiance emitted by the incisions. Opening and closing zippers alters the look of the dress both physically and viscerally: Slits are introduced as streaks of light and "heal" as the light is reduced, restricted in length, or shut.

Lovely Rita's radiating "wounds" recall the ecstasy of ascetic practices of self-mortification, and allude to the mysterious power that inflictions, whether physical, mental, or emotional, have on shaping the human spirit.


Project website:

Publication: Lee, M. and Achituv, R. Lovely Rita. Proc. of TEI 2012 (Kingston, Ontario, Canada). Feb. 19-22, 2012.

Minhye Lee
Hongik University | [email protected]

Romy Achituv
Hongik University | [email protected]