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Issue: XIX.4 July + August 2012
Page: 6
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Ling-Yuah Chiu, Jya-Cheng Hu, George Chang

Hi!Me! is a conceptual design that inscribes traces of a person's height from childhood to adulthood on a graffiti tree made of an upright wooden board attached to the wall. The graffiti tree is combined with an audio time capsule of vocal recordings and a silhouette projection. Whenever parents mark the height of their child with chalk and an attached RFID tag nearby, Hi!Me! will begin to record voices and capture silhouettes. "Re-touching" an inscription with a specially made RFID reader will trigger the time capsule that was created, providing connections to one's younger self.


Project website:

Ling-Yuah Chiu
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | [email protected]

Jya-Cheng Hu
National Taiwan University | [email protected]

George Chang
National Taiwan University | [email protected]