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Issue: XIX.3 May + June 2012
Page: 8
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NaraeLee, Ju-Whan Kim, Jungsoo Lee, Myeongsoo Shin, WooHun Lee

What would it be like to have a mole live under your table and push around objects on the table surface? MoleBot, a robotic creature based on an organic user interface (OUI), lives in a coffee table and interacts with small items placed on the table surface. To ensure fluid motions of the molehills cast by the MoleBot, the table surface combines horizontal rigidity with the vertical flexibility of movable pins. Users are enabled to kinetically interact with this creature via a joystick or gestural commands.


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Publication: Lee, N., Kim, J-W., Lee, J., Shin, M., and Lee, W. MoleBot: Mole in a table. Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH 2011 Emerging Technologies. ACM, New York, 2011.

Narae Lee
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Ju-Whan Kim
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Jungsoo Lee
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Myeongsoo Shin
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Woohun Lee
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