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Issue: XIX.3 May + June 2012
Page: 8
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Koen Befjaars, Sharon van der Geest, Roy van den Heuvel, Bas van Hoeve

LEDswim is swimwear (swimsuit and goggles) designed to assist a professional swimmer during his or her training. The swimsuit contains heart rate sensors, which use a conductive fabric structure integrated into the fabric of the suit for maximum comfort. The goggles process this heart rate data and signal the user to either slow down or speed up to keep the training intensity at a desired level (heart rate zone). It does this using two small LEDs inside the goggles, near the edge of the user's visual field: orange for faster, red for slower (colors for maximizing contrast to surroundings). No lights means the swimmer's pace is in the desired zone. The data is updated continuously and is easily seen while swimming (no wrist watch required).


Project website:

Publication: Cruz Restrep, M., Alves Lino, J.A., and Hummels, C.C.M., eds. ID'10 Eindhoven Designs 4, 43 (2010).

Koen Beljaars
Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]

Sharon van der Geest
Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]

Roy van den Heuvel
Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]

Bas van Hoeve
Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]