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Issue: XIX.3 May + June 2012
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Young-Woo Park, Sungjae Hwang, Tek-Jin Nam

Poke is a way of sharing emotional touches over phone calls. It delivers touches through an inflatable surface on one side of the phone and receives finger-pressure inputs on the opposite side of the phone, all while allowing callers to maintain a conventional phone-calling posture. Poke provides three key user interactions (poke, poke and vibrate, and poke back) and delivers affective touches through its inflating patterns and vibrations on the top of the inflatable surface. This opens possibilities for developing pleasant, affective tactile languages over phone calls.


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Publication: Park, Y-W., Hwang, S., and Nam, T-J. Poke: Emotional touch delivery through an inflatable surface over interpersonal mobile communications. Proc. of the 24th Annual Symposium Adjunct on User Interface Software and Technology (Santa Barbara, CA, Oct. 16-19). ACM, New York, 2011.

Young-Woo Park
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Sungjae Hwang
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Tek-Jin Nam
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