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Issue: XIX.4 July + August 2012
Page: 6
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Yaliang Chuang

In recent years, more and more children are found to have learning or behavior problems when they enter school. Some of them are diagnosed as having had insufficient sensory experience in their early childhood. To prevent this kind of problem, it is important to provide proper sensory stimulation during a child's development. In this project, an interactive device for mobile infants (8 to 18 months) was implemented. The design integrates visual and auditory sensations to motivate young children's body motion. It also provides various tactile sensations to enrich their sensitivities to touch. Based on the result of user evaluation with the prototype, the design concept proves useful in improving young children's sensory capabilities.


Project website:

Publication: Chuang, Y. Improving children's sensory integration capabilities with rich interaction design. Proc. of the 4th IASDR Conference on Design Research (TU Delft, The Netherlands). 2011.

Yaliang Chuang
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | [email protected]