Demo Hour

Tell the Secret

Issue: XIX.4 July + August 2012
Page: 6
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Tai-Wen Kan, Li-Te Yang, Shunag-Yu Tsai

Tell the Secret is a phonographic recording device that can save and share sounds. When the button is pressed, the shape of the device invites the user to record a secret. The interchange of secret confessions creates the emulsion, interweaving, and convergence of secrets within a kind of Pandora's box. To hear the secrets stored inside, the user rotates the clockwork, puts his or her ear close to the hole on the box, and listens. A randomly selected secret will play at a very low volume. This artifact is crafted to provide embodied social serendipity in an intentionally simple and pleasurable form.


Project website:

Tai-Wei Kan
National Taiwan University | [email protected]

Li-Te Yang
National Taiwan University | [email protected]

Shuang-Yu Tsai
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | [email protected]