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TK 730

Issue: XIX.5 September + October 2012
Page: 6
Digital Citation
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Meg Grant, Anja Hertenberger, Ricardo O'Nascimento, Leonis Urff

The TK 730 is a hybrid typewriter/knitting machine that converts words into a knitted code. It does this by decoding the typed word and re-encoding it into the pattern of the knitwork. The idea comes from the common root of the words text and textile: the Latin texere, which means "to weave." A knitted textile work comprises lines and points, just like a piece of text. A story follows a continuous thread. Both text and textiles communicate meaning, but the story knitted by the TK 730 is one you can read, see, touch, and wear. The TK 730 attempts to explore how data can convey different meanings when interpreted as a purely visual form. The project was created with the support of V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Project website:

Publication: Grant, M., Hertenberger, A., O'Nascimento, R., and Urff, L. TK 730. Proc. of TEI 2012 (Kingston, Ontario, Canada). Feb. 19-22, 2012.

Meg Grant
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Anja Hertenberger
V2_ E-Textile Workspace | [email protected]

Ricardo O'Nascimento
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Leonie Urff
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