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Harmonious Haptics

Issue: XXII.5 September-October 2015
Page: 6
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Sungjae Hwang, John Song, Junghyeon Gim

In this project, we propose a new interaction technique named Harmonious Haptics, which provides users with enhanced tactile sensations by utilizing smart watches as additional tactile displays for smartphones. When combined with typical mobile devices, our technique enables the design of a wide variety of tactile stimuli. To illustrate the potential of our approach, we developed a set of example applications that provide users with rich tactile feedback, such as feeling textures in a graphical user interface, transferring a file between a tablet and a smart watch, and controlling UI components.

Hwang, S., Song, J., and Gim, J. Harmonious Haptics: Enhanced tactile feedback using a mobile and a wearable device. Proc. of CHI EA'15. ACM, New York, NY, 2015, 295–298.

DOI: 10.1145/2702613.2725428

Sungjae Hwang, FuturePlay Creative Lab
[email protected]

John Song, FuturePlay Creative Lab

Junghyeon Gim, FuturePlay Creative Lab