Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Submergence

Issue: XXIV.2 March + April 2017
Page: 10
Digital Citation
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Squidsoup: Anthony Rowe, Liam Birtles, Chris Bennewith, Oliver Brown

Submergence is a large, immersive walkthrough experience. It uses up to 8,064 individual points of suspended light to create feelings of presence and movement within physical space. The installation transforms space into a hybrid environment where virtual and physical worlds coincide. As you enter the piece, you walk into a space occupied by both real and virtual components, both of which you can affect. The piece is divided into sections that gradually increase in tension, building to a final climax. Each section has its own elements, atmosphere, and responsiveness.

Squidsoup: Anthony Rowe, Oslo School of Architecture and Design [email protected]

Liam Birtles, Bournemouth University

Chris Bennewith, Plymouth University

Oliver Bown, University of New South Wales

ins06.gif Submergence setup.

ins07.gif People socializing while interacting with Submergence.