Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Plinko Poetry

Issue: XXIV.2 March + April 2017
Page: 10
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Deqing Sun, Peiqi Su

Plinko Poetry is an interactive installation that allows users to create blackout poetry using SIGGRAPH submission headlines. The interface removes words from their original context to become a playful and satirical reminder of their meaning. Players release a ball at the top of the screen and transparent pegs randomize the path of the falling ball. Once the ball goes across a line of words, that line is frozen and a selected word is highlighted by blacking out adjacent words on the same line. When the ball reaches the bottom, all selected words are assembled together as a poem and printed as a souvenir.

Deqing Sun, New York University, [email protected]

Peiqi Su, New York University

ins02.gif Player drops a ball from the top of the screen to create blackout poetry.

ins03.gif Close-up view of screen and frame for Plinko Poetry.