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Issue: XXII.2 March + April 2015
Page: 6
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Max Rheiner, Thomas Tobler, Fabian Troxler

Birdly is an installation that explores the experience of a bird in flight. It tries to capture the mediated flying experience with several methods. Unlike a common flight simulator, you do not control a machine—you embody a bird. To evoke this embodiment, we rely mainly on the sensory-motor coupling. The participant can control the simulator with his hands and arms, which directly correlate to the wings and primary feathers of a bird. The scenery is perceived in the first-person perspective of a bird. To intensify the embodiment, we include additional sonic, olfactory, tactile, and wind feedback.

Birdly - Teaser from SOMNIACS on Vimeo.

Birdly Trailer II from SOMNIACS on Vimeo.

Max Rheiner, Zurich University of the Arts

Thomas Tobler, Zurich University of the Arts

Fabian Troxler, Zurich University of the Arts