XXI.1 January - February 2014
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New vision by design

Scott Delman

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As you have no doubt already noticed from the cover of this issue and the introductions from Editors-in-Chief Ron Wakkary and Erik Stolterman, and our designer at Pentagram, Luke Hayman, you are now reading a very new Interactions magazine indeed.

Less than a year ago, Ron and Erik approached ACM Headquarters staff and expressed a strong desire to revamp the look and feel of Interactions both in print and online. Heading into the tail end of their first term as editors and thinking about what mark they wished to leave on Interactions and its readership in their second term, the possibility of a complete overhaul of the magazine's visual and editorial identity was both exciting and daunting at the same time. A few discussions later, including several to convince the powers that be that now was the perfect time to jump head first into such an endeavor, we were off to the races.

The choice of working with Luke Hayman was not a difficult one. ACM has had the privilege and excellent experience of working with Luke on two previous projects, ACM's flagship Communications of the ACM and ACM's student magazine CrossRoads, renamed XRDS as part of that project. When we reached out to Luke, we were thrilled to learn he was familiar with Interactions and would be honored to take on the project. Luke's vision and expertise with incorporating typography, layout, and cutting-edge design innovation into a print magazine whose readership is increasingly accessing these pages via tablets and mobile phones is truly unique, which I assume is one of the main reasons his work is in such high demand across all sectors of the magazine publishing industry. Even for a community whose very work is to improve overall interactions that people have in the physical world, many will be hard pressed to put their fingers on exactly what makes this new redesign so appealing, but they will surely agree the reading experience has improved dramatically.

But Luke's vision, experience, and design skills are only part of a complex dance resulting in the new layout and design you have before you. Luke provided the raw materials, the canvas, and the paint, but without the dedication, investment of time, sound judgment, and creative flair of Interactions' volunteer Editors-in-Chief Ron and Erik, ACM Headquarters staff Executive Editor Diane Crawford and Managing Editor John Stanik, and Art Director Brian Greenberg of Andrij Borys Associates, these raw materials would still be a very thick stack of great options spread out across a very long conference table at ACM Headquarters. We are truly lucky to have such amazing volunteers and staff, who dedicate themselves to excellence every day. I hope you like the result.

—Scott Delman
ACM Director of Group Publishing, [email protected]

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