XXVIII.1 January - February 2021
Page: 96
Digital Citation

Women reclaiming AI

Birgitte Aga, Coral Manton

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Contributors: Birgitte Aga, Coral Ann Manton

Curator/Editor: Amanda Windle


ins01.gif AI-generated images of women promote new forms of beauty that are made from averaging out human features. The images tell you nothing about the people making them, the datasets being used, or what their purpose is. Historically, women have been held to externally defined, often unrealistic standards of visual appearance. Women Reclaiming AI is using GAN frameworks to generate purposefully disorderly images made from a dataset of images of women (inclusive of all nonbinary, genderqueer and woman-identifying people) from our community, and women the community admires. Our images are reminiscent of the smeared images we are becoming used to from GAN artworks, but our images are made in protest against the averaging out of women's experiences by unrepresentative and unaccountable development teams who are reinforcing negative gender stereotypes.

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