XXX.1 January - February 2023
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Digital Citation

less lurid less the sky

Lindsey French, Alex Young

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Contributors: Lindsey French, [email protected] Alex Young, [email protected]

Curator/Editor: Nia Easley

A white hand holds a phone in front of a coal chute; the phone displays an SMS message from "less lurid less the sky" of eight sets of three large emojis including clouds, falling leaves, and a factory.

All around us in the air, plants emit volatile airborne compounds, signaling to other plants and insects. Notice the smokestack, the exhaust pipe, the heating vent: clouds of vapor and chemicals pluming into this shared airspace. We are signaling too.

Less lurid less the sky interprets volatile plant and industrial airborne signaling from air-quality sensors and rebroadcasts them to subscribers as daily SMS emoji poems. Running from August 6 to September 3, 2022, the project included an installation at The Chute, a coal chute in Pittsburgh's Mexican War Streets neighborhood.

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