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VII.4 July 2000
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Steven Pemberton

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Last issue I said "watch this space for big changes to be announced next issue." And now here we are. And the news is: the SIGCHI executive committee has decided that interactions should become the member publication for SIGCHI. This means that in the future all members of SIGCHI will receive interactions as a membership benefit.

This issue is the first to be sent to all members of SIGCHI as the member publication and so I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you for whom this is your first issue. (I'm almost inclined to say "Welcome back," since I used to be editor-in-chief of the SIGCHI Bulletin, the previous member publication, but I will refrain).

Of course, a decision like this isn't made in a day, and there has been much discussion leading up to it about what it means for interactions, for SIGCHI, and so on.

So what will it mean for interactions? In brief: not much. We are not planning to alter the content, style, or approach of interactions, and will continue to publish six times a year. However, there will be a change in how the SIGCHI Bulletin will operate.

The Bulletin, which has for the past few years been published simultaneously on paper and on the web, will now, in the paper version, become thinner and be published as a supplement with interactions, in much the same way that Membernet is published with Communications of the ACM. The web version will remain much the way it is now, with links from the paper version to the thicker full content on the web.

This means that SIGCHI news, workshops reports, and the like will still be appearing in the SIGCHI Bulletin, and interactions will remain the publication you know and (I hope) love.

Steven Pemberton

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