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VI.4 July-Aug. 1999
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Conference preview: SIGGRAPH 99

Jennifer Bruer

back to top  SIGGRAPH 99

Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
August 8-13, 1999

bullet.gif Experience the Latest Technological Innovations

SIGGRAPH is the world's premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques. More than 50,000 computer graphics animators, scientists, engineers, artists, and educators from six continents are expected at the 26th annual conference in Los Angeles this summer. SIGGRAPH is a forum for discovering the latest breakthroughs in the dynamic computer graphics and interactive technologies industry and sets the stage for the emerging vision of the 21st century.

For up-to-date conference information, SIGGRAPH 99 is online at

bullet.gif Keynote Address/Awards

SIGGRAPH 99's keynote speaker, Helaman Ferguson, reports on his "neolithic" adventures: communicating the beauty and power of art and science by carving theorems in stone and bronze with computer graphics and interactive techniques. Immediately before the keynote address, SIGGRAPH presents the 1999 Computer Graphics Achievement Award and the Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics.

bullet.gif The Story of Computer Graphics

Celebrating the organization's 30th year, SIGGRAPH premieres its new feature length documentary which captures some of the most compelling stories behind the striking graphics and technology which have become routine in today's imagery. "The Story of Computer Graphics" chronicles the history of the industry, its impact on society, and the excitement of future possibilities. All badged attendees are invited to the premiere on Sunday, 8 August from 8:30 – 10 pm at the Shrine Auditorium.

bullet.gif Technical Program

The core of SIGGRAPH 99 is the technical program consisting of Courses, Panels, Papers, Sketches & Applications, The Electronic Schoolhouse and the Creative Applications Lab.

bullet.gif Courses

SIGGRAPH's annual professional development offerings for everyone in computer graphics and interactive techniques, from first-job novices to 25-year veterans. Courses are offered in three formats: full-day, half-day, and two-hour tutorials.


  • Interactive Walkthroughs of Large Geometric Datasets
  • Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics: Overcoming Bottlenecks and Supporting Collaboration
  • Developing Shared Virtual Environments

bullet.gif Papers

The year's most significant, most provocative research and development results, selected by a rigorous international jury of scholars and scientists, are presented by the authors in three categories: research, systems, and applications. New for SIGGRAPH 99 are visionary papers and impact papers, including a special session/course sessions on how their implications will shape the future.


  • Balancing Fusion, Image Depth, and Distortion in Stereoscopic Head-Tracked Displays
  • Emancipated Pixels: Real-World Graphics in the Luminous Room

bullet.gif Panels

Panels are wide-ranging, free-flowing exploration of the art, science, and business of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Panelists argue, debate, and sometimes even agree on trends, technologies, claims, and controversies.


  • Experiential Computer Art
  • Mixed Reality: Where Real and Virtual Worlds Meet

bullet.gif Sketches & Applications

Sketches: works in progress, tentative breakthroughs, and preliminary drafts. Applications: how new and traditional tools are used to produce practical, proven results. Three days of multimedia presentations in three categories: technical; art, design, and multimedia; and animation are presented.

bullet.gif The Electronic Schoolhouse: Educators Program /sigKIDS/Community Outreach

For the first time, SIGGRAPH 99 combines three traditional conference programs in the Electronic Schoolhouse. Schoolhouse areas include the Classroom for traditional presentation of papers and panels, the Workshop for hands-on activities, the Playground for stand-alone exhibits, and the Library for all kinds of interaction, networking, and curriculum information. The Electronic Schoolhouse reflects everyday life, where we are all students and teachers, exchanging, learning, sharing, and inspiring. Students teach what they know, seniors discover new worlds and imagine new visions, and professionals enlighten generations.


  • Minotaur: A Tactile Archaeology Game for Kids
  • The SIGGRAFFITI Wall: Multi-Input Painting

bullet.gif Creative Applications Lab: The Digital Café (CAL)

The Creative Applications Lab gives attendees hands-on, up-close interaction with the people and techniques presented in Papers, Panels, Courses, and Sketches & Applications. CAL visitors apply their new knowledge and skills, share insights and interests with other attendees, and talk with speakers and presenters in informal breakout sessions.

bullet.gif Exhibition

The world's epicenter of computer graphics and interactive technologies: hundreds of companies offering thousands of products and services for the new century. On the exhibit floor attendees explore and interact with essential tools and techniques produced by today's worldwide trendsetters and tomorrow's upstart innovators.

bullet.gif Conference Programs and Activities

In addition to the technical program and exhibition, SIGGRAPH 99 offers other conference activities to make sure attendees have a multitude of options to pack their SIGGRAPH conference week.

bullet.gif Art Gallery: technOasis

From its central gallery location, SIGGRAPH 99's aesthetic oasis, the Art Gallery, extends to installations throughout the LA Convention Center. Experience turn-of-the-century digital art in all its variety: visual, interactive, animated, sculptural, installed, virtual, Web-based, telecommunicated, and participatory. Tours of the gallery are being led by educated docents who offer insight into the processes and aesthetics of each work of art.


  • Sisyphus. This piece fits the mood of the Oasis. A silver ball slowly draws in a box of sand.
  • Unconscious Flow. Merpeople swim around participants' hands.

bullet.gif Computer Animation Festival (CAF)

Stories and non-narrative works that reflect on the past and illuminate the future, in imagery and animations, film and video, live and interactive performances are presented in the CAF. The year's outstanding achievements in digital experience are scheduled to appear in the evening and matinée shows of the Electronic Theater and Animation Theaters.

bullet.gif Emerging Technologies: The Millennium Motel

Enter The Millennium Motel and take an interactive journey into our collective futures. Create 3D surfaces by moving your hands in space, interact with intelligent objects to construct complex computer models, conduct a virtual orchestra with only your gestures, and enjoy talking to friends by placing interactive images of them on your desktop.


  • Curlybot. Play with a toy that remembers where it's been.
  • Life Spacies. Interact and communicate with artificial life organisms.

bullet.gif Pathways to the Future

ACM SIGGRAPH celebrates the organization's 30th year with an exhibit featuring its year-round activities throughout the world: educational and public policy initiatives, special projects, publications, small conferences and workshops on focused topics, professional chapters, and international relationships. See tomorrow's aesthetic breakthroughs in Art in the Future. Enter the Fortunes of the Future contest. For more information, see

bullet.gif Special Sessions

  • The Story Behind the Digital Imagery of Star Wars: Episode 1 "The Phantom Menace"
  • Web3D RoundUP: Tomorrow's Visions of Web-Based Virtual Reality
  • Fiction 2000: Technology, Tradition, and the Essence of Story
  • A Visit with an Animation Legend

bullet.gif The Studio

The former Guerilla Gallery teams technologists with artists to imagine, create, and collaborate in a hands-on state-of-the-art computer graphics studio. Artists, scientists, and engineers use the latest technologies in high-end printers and 3D desktop modelers to create and realize 2D and 3D output.

For information, contact:

  • SIGGRAPH 99 Conference Management
  • Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
  • 401 North Michigan Avenue
  • Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
  • +1.312.321.6830
  • +1.312.321.6876 fax

back to top  1999 International Euroconference on Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
October 21-23, 1999

CADUI'99 is the triennial meeting of the computer-aided design of user interfaces in the interactive applications community and serves as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development in this area.

bullet.gif Scope

We seek high-quality, original papers and posters/demonstrations that address the theory, design, development, evaluation of ideas, tools, techniques, methodologies for computer-aided design user interfaces in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Adaptable, adaptive and customizable user interfaces
  • Automated generation of user interfaces
  • Automated presentation of information
  • Automated integration of multimedia/multimodal input
  • Business oriented interactive applications
  • Computer-aided design of user interfaces during all development steps: requirements gathering, specification, design, modeling, development, prototype, evaluation, deployment, re-engineering
  • Computer-aided design of user interfaces for the Internet, for tasks such as de-sign, navigation, brokering, electronic commerce, access, and presentation
  • Computer-aided design of localized, globalized user interfaces
  • Computer-aided management of windows systems
  • Design support tools and techniques
  • Front-end interfaces to multimedia, hypermedia, knowledge-based systems
  • Methods, metrics and tools for computer-aided evaluation of user interfaces
  • Model-Based Interface Development Environments (MB-IDEs)
  • Model-based and task-based approaches to user interface design
  • Software tools and techniques for widget selection and placement
  • User interface management systems (UIMSs)

bullet.gif Theme

The CADUI'99 meeting will have the thematic focus: "Supporting Design and Re-design". Up to some recent years, many software tools, techniques and methods have been developed to systematically produce parts or whole of a user interface for a target interactive application. For example, software tools that automatically generate a working user interface have been demonstrated feasible and operational. These days, there is a shift of focus from the automated generation to computer-aided design of user interface. In automated generation, the process is blindly driven without human intervention. In computer-aided design, the task analyst, the designer, the developer, and the evaluator are more active in the production process by deciding options, by driving the process, and by being assisted by software tools and guided by methods in this process. Moreover, once a particular user interface has been designed, how can it be redesigned when the application semantics change? This edition will primarily focus on every mean that effectively supports design and redesign during development steps.

bullet.gif History

The first edition of this meeting has been held as the 1 st International Workshop on Computer-Aided Generation of User Interfaces (CAGUI'93, Ulm, November 18-19, 1993). The second edition of this meeting has been held as the 2 nd International Workshop on Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces (CADUI'96, Namur, June 5-7, 1996). This third edition, the 3 rd International Workshop on Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces CADUI'99, will now be held under the auspices of Euro-conference.

  • Contact:
  • Conference Chair
  • Jean Vanderdonckt
  • Institut d'Administration et de Gestion (IAG)
  • Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)
  • Place des Doyens, 1
  • B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Belgium
  • Tel: +32-(0)10/47.85.25
  • Fax: +32-(0)10/47.83.24
  • Email:
  • Program Chair
  • Angel R. Puerta
  • Stanford University
  • 251 Campus Drive - MSOB x215
  • Stanford, CA 94305 5479 USA
  • Tel: +1-650-723-5294
  • Fax: +1-650-725-7944
  • Email:
  • Important Dates
  • Poster Submissions: July 30, 1999
  • Review notification: September 1, 1999
  • Final submissions: September 15, 1999
  • Send submissions to Program Chair
  • For more information please visit the web site at

back to top  Calendar

June 21 – 25, 1999
DAC 99: The 36th ACM/IEEE-CAS/EDAC Design Automation Conference
Ernest Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Contact: Pat Pistilli

June 29 – July 2, 1999
UPA 99: Usability Professionals' Association
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Contact: Thyra Rauch

July 7 – 9, 1999
Consortia Building and Industry Support for Implementing Instructional Technology In Schools
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel
Arlington, Virginia, USA

Contact: SALT

August 8 – August 13, 1999
SIGGRAPH '99: 26th International Conference On Computer Graphics And Interactive Techniques
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, California, USA

Contact: Smith, Bucklin & Associates

August 30 – September 3, 1999
INTERACT '99: Seventh International Federation For Information Processing (IFIP) Conference on Human Computer Interaction
Edinburgh Conference Center
Endinburgh, Scotland

Contact: Alistair Kilgour

October 21 – 23, 1999
CADUI'99: 1999 International Euroconference on Computer-Aided Design Of User Interfaces
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Contact: Jean Vanderdonckt

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