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Marisa Campbell

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Bringing the Bits Together
September 1-5, 2003
Zürich, Switzerland

INTERACT 2003 will be a conference for everyone involved in HCI, whether designing software or systems, managing the development or implementation of new sytems and technology in organizations, researching, studying or teaching. This conference will be attractive to both experienced members of the worldwide HCI community and to beginners who may want to find out about HCI and increase their knowledge and skills.

The conference will also act as a platform for HCI research and practice which seeks to embrace the new demands of the 21st century, while continuing to include state-of-the-art approaches to traditional HCI issues. The program will be of international interest and will include papers, posters, industrial presentations, and system demonstrations, as well as workshops, tutorials, and much more.

bullet.gif Tutorials

Methods and Tools for Design of Multi-Platform Applications and Remote Usability Evaluation
Fabio Paterno

This tutorial is designed for anybody who wants to learn about tools and methods for the design of multi-platform applications and remote evaluation of user interfaces. Tutorial participants need not have any specific background knowledge to reap benefits.

Ontological Sketch Modelling (OSM): Concept-based Usability Analysis
Ann Blandford, Iain Connell

This introductory tutorial will lead attendees through the essential concepts and procedures necessary to perform an OSM analysis, using familiar and readily available examples. Participants may be HCI practitioners or researchers with an interest in semi-formal analytical approaches.

Advanced Usability Testing Methodology
Rolf Molich

This tutorial allows students to compare their own approach to usability testing with those used by eleven professional labs during controlled usability tests in realistic, industrial settings. The primary audience for this tutorial are usability professionals who have conducted a few tests and would like to improve their skills in test planning, scenario design, problem identification, and problem communication.

Collaboration Technology in Teams, Organizations, and Communities
Jonathan Grudin, Steven Poltrock

This tutorial provides a framework for attendees who have some experience as designers, developers, evaluators, marketers, buyers, and users of these technologies. It relies primarily on lectures and videos to survey the topic, and includes exercises to allow participants to share experiences.

Evaluating Interactive Products For and With Children
Stuart MacFarlane, Janet Read, Johanna Höysniemi, Panos Markopoulos

This tutorial offers participants an introduction to evaluation methods and techniques that can be used to assess usability and fun, where the users are children. The tutorial is aimed at developers of interactive products for children who may need to carry out evaluation studies.

Multimedia Design for the Web
Alistair Sutcliffe, Leon Watts

This tutorial will give participants knowledge of and practice in a multimedia design method for Web and traditional UIs which is based on extensive research published in several CHI conference proceedings and practical experience in industrial multimedia design.

Usability Design: Integrating User Centered System Design in the Software Development Process
Jan Gulliksen, Bengt Göransson

This tutorial will provide an overview of the definitions of usability and user centered systems design. This tutorial is intended for practitioners; software developers, HCI specialists, user representatives or project managers who want to develop and deploy a user-centered systems design process in their development organization.

Working With and Analyzing Qualitative Data
David A. Siegel, Susan M. Dray

This tutorial will focus on teaching practical strategies to apply during data collection and analysis, and is for people who want to increase their skill in applying qualitative data, such as that from field studies, in the real world of design. It is intended for people with some experience in usability, software development and design, fieldwork and observation of users, or other user experience research.

bullet.gif Workshops

Methods for applying Activity Theory to HCI Design
Daisy Mwanza, Olav W. Bertelsen

The purpose of this workshop is to explore systems design methods and techniques based on Activity Theory (AT) so as to establish the feasibility of using this framework in HCI for practical design purposes. The workshop will be targeted towards researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia who are interested in methodological aspects of using AT in systems design.

Putting Theory into Practice: How to Apply Cross-Cultural Differences to User Interface Design?
Christian Sturm, Christopher Müller

This workshop aims to address several topics, including which scope of differences is provided by up-to-date cross-cultural research in anthropology, linguistics, and psychology; which of these differences might have an impact on human-computer-interaction; and how can cultural sensitive and cultural insensitive aspects be separated and considered in the product design.

Teaching HCI: Looking at Other Disciplines - Workshop of IFIP WG 13.1 on Education in HCI and HCI Curriculum
Konrad Baumann, Paula Kotzé, Lars Oestreicher, Matthias Rauterberg

The main theme of this workshop is on a critical comparison of educational methods of a variety of disciplines related or adjacent to human-computer interaction (HCI) and how these can inform the teaching of various aspects of HCI. The main goal of this part of the workshop is to establish if synergies can be found between these disciplines and how these can be utilized in HCI and UCD education.

The Business Case of HCI
Patrick Steiger, Gitte Lindgaard, Daniel Felix

This workshop aims to produce effective material that helps HCI practitioners to convince their employer/clients that HCI is a must for every technology company and that usability engineers are a necessary part of every product development team.

2nd Workshop on Software and Usability Cross-Pollination: The Role of Patterns
Peter Forbrig, Ahmed Seffah, Martjin van Welie, Jan Borchers

This workshop is focused on discussions about patterns for interaction design, patterns in the software development lifecycle or more precisely patterns in user requirements including task analysis, usability specification, scenarios, etc. The goal of the workshop is to outline a collection of task-analysis patterns, interaction patterns and process patterns for the whole software life cycle.

Exploring the Total Customer Experience: Usability Evaluations of (B2C) E-Commerce Environments
Shailey Minocha, Lisa Dawson

This workshop will explore the different methodologies that would support the evaluation of the TCE of e-commerce environments, and aims to assess the current state of theory, methods and research in the usability evaluations of e-commerce environments.

Experiences with Usability Labs
Franz J. Kurfess, Erika Rogers

This workshop is targeted at people who are interested in exchanging experiences with other users of usability labs, or in establishing their own usability labs. The workshop will consist of invited talks by recognized researchers and practitioners with experience in designing, using, and evaluating usability labs; presentations based on contributions submitted by participants; discussions.

Including Accessibility and Inclusive Design in the Curriculum for Human Computer Interaction
Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture, Colette Nicolle, Paula Kotzé, Julio Abascal

The aim of this workshop is to promote the importance of training in the design community in the principles of accessibility and inclusive design which will include the needs of as many users as possible.

Closing the Gaps: Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction
Jean Vanderdonckt, Morten Borup Harning

The theme of this workshop is to attempt to enumerate and understand these gaps of understanding and communication between the SE and HCI fields, with an eventual goal of proposing ways to bridge these gaps.

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bullet.gif July 26-27

GH '03
Graphics Hardware 2003
San Diego, CA, USA

bullet.gif July 27-31

San Diego, CA, USA

bullet.gif August 7-9

Interactive Convergence: Research in Multimedia
Prague, Czech Republic

bullet.gif August 10-13

3rd International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications
Tulsa, OK, USA

bullet.gif August 12

1st International Workshop on Technology for Education in Developing Countries
Newark, NJ, USA

bullet.gif August 17-20

Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

bullet.gif August 24-29

IEA 2003
XVth Trienial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association
Seoul, Korea

bullet.gif August 26-30

HyperText 03
The 14th conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia,
Nottingham, UK

bullet.gif September 1-5

Interact 2003
9th IFIP TC 13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Zürich, Switzerland

bullet.gif September 3-5

"The Good, the Bad and the Irrelevant"
The User and the Future of Information and Communication Technologies
Helsinki, Finland

bullet.gif September 7-10

Mensch & Computer 2003
Stuttgart, Germany

bullet.gif September 8-11

Mobile HCI '03
5th International Symposium on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services
Udine, Italy

bullet.gif September 8-12

HCI 2003
Designing for Society-Bath
17th Annual Human-Computer Interaction Conference
Bath, England

bullet.gif September 10-12

5th annual conference on World Wide Web Applications
Durban, South Africa

bullet.gif September 10-13

EuroCogSci '03
Osnabrück, Germany

bullet.gif September 14-18

ECSCW 2003
8th European Conference on Computer-supported Cooperative Work
Helsinki, Finland

bullet.gif September 19-21

C&T 2003
International Conference on Communities and Technology
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

bullet.gif September 22

Executive Forum 2003
The Making of the UE Executive
Chicago, IL, USA

bullet.gif September 22

WSE 2003
5th IEEE International Workshop on Web Site Evolution
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

bullet.gif September 29-October 2

Euro PVM/MPI 2003
10th Users' Group Conference
Venice, Italy

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