A responsive kind of design

XXVII.4 July - August 2020
Page: 48
Digital Citation

A responsive kind of design: Introduction

Alex Taylor, Daniela Rosner, Mikael Wiberg

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Throughout the design community, we have been seeing creative and thoughtful ways of responding to these difficult times. Groups large and small have come together to help one another, whether through mask making, housing aid, or meal delivery. Celebrating these efforts, this next set of authors looks to important care work sparked by and among those of us working in technology design as well as wider forms of creative cultural production. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal reflects on the renewed importance of touchless interaction during the pandemic. Expanding this attention to online modalities, Vikram Singh considers how digital tools open new avenues for imagination and inquiry. Nikhil Welankar examines designers' role as problem solvers during the pandemic. Examining for health research, Giovanna Vilaza touches on the present and future of digital data collection. Ernesto Priego and Peter Wilkins relay their experiences creating comics that reflect on and respond to ongoing Covid developments. Focusing on the development of immersive experiences, Anthony Steed and colleagues confront emerging challenges of participant recruitment and evaluation. Highlighting collective efforts such as virtual hackathons, Montathar Faraon examines how we might help reckon with privacy hurdles in the distribution and adoption of mobile-tracking apps. Our final two contributors look at the range of resources made available and newly accessible through two projects: a shared Covid-19 response document began by Peter Dalsgaard and a collective toolkit spearheaded by Kat Braybrooke and her colleagues. Braybrooke in particular asks: "How can design thinking respond to such moments of crisis and opportunity with sensitivity, in ways that transcend disciplinary and cultural divides? How can collective paralysis foster collective action?" Together these contributions expose the vast number and variety of mutual-aid efforts that have taken root within and adjacent to design.


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