XXVIII.4 July - August 2021
Page: 80
Digital Citation

Just and equitable data labeling: Toward a responsible AI supply chain

Ananya Parekh, Sarayu Natarajan

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Contributors: Ananya Broker Parekh, Sarayu Natarajan

Curator/Editor: Nia Easley


ins01.gif Commissioned by Aapti Institute for a research report on equitable artificial-intelligence supply chains, this illustration depicts the process of data labeling, or annotation, labor often carried out by workers in the Global South. Through this image, we hope to visibilize the centrality of human labor in artificial intelligence. Uncovering the evolving landscape of AI data labeling gives us an opportunity to re-envision and structure this labor to be just and equitable, while generating employment for a diverse cross section of India's population. At the same time, it also complicates the narratives around automation, which primarily focus on job loss.

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