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XXIV.2 March + April 2017
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Update from Southeast Asia—CHIuXiD 2017

Eunice Sari, Adi Tedjasaputra, Tuomo Kujala

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CHI UX Indonesia started in early 2014 on the initiative of Eunice Sari and Adi Tedjasaputra. As we embarked on the journey of getting ACM SIGCHI to support the formation of the first HCI and UX community in Indonesia, we organized a kick-off event, UX Indonesia-Malaysia 2014, with support from ACM SIGCHI in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. This effort resulted in the formation of the Indonesian ACM SIGCHI Chapter; since then, we have witnessed a lot of progress and growth in our community over the past three years.

In April 2016, we successfully held the second CHIuXiD conference in Jakarta; it was the only ACM in Cooperation conference in the Southeast Asia region dedicated to leaders, experts, academics, and professionals in HCI and UX. Indonesia has the world's fourth-largest population of Facebook users, and Jakarta is the world's most active Twitter city, recently becoming one of the most popular target markets for world leaders in digital technology. The annual conference organized by CHI UX Indonesia has made a significant difference in the regional HCI and UX landscape.

The theme of CHIuXiD 2016, "Bridging the Gaps in the HCI and UX World," was a continuation of the "Connect" theme from the previous CHIuXiD conference. This came from our realization that in order to successfully connect different stakeholders within the Indonesian HCI and UX worlds, we should first identify the gaps between them. Some of the gaps that we have identified include technical writing skills, English-language barriers, lack of understanding between academia and practitioners, and, more important, lack of synergy between academia and industry.

CHIuXiD 2016 ( presented the best works from academia and industry in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Namibia, and Spain, among other countries, where they proposed solutions to bridge the gaps. Every year we bring at least four international HCI and UX experts to nurture our community with their knowledge and expertise. At CHIuXiD 2016, we had Elizabeth Churchill (USA), Mark Billinghurst (Australia), Ellen Do (Singapore), and Barry Brown (Sweden). During the conference, the experts presented, shared, discussed, and addressed challenges and hot topics around the sharing economy, virtual and augmented reality, e-commerce, and mobile technology. They opened the eyes and hearts of the HCI researchers and UX professionals to explore the new opportunities for HCI research and UX practice in the Southeast Asia region, in particular Indonesia.

Building on the success of the first and second conferences, we will hold CHIuXiD 2017 on April 18–21. The theme of the third conference is "Experience Design for All." We will engage all participants in a reflective process to envision and design great experiences for different groups of people, including those from marginalized and underserved communities. We will first have a two-day conference in Jakarta, which will consist of keynote presentations, participative presentations from academia and industry, poster and demo sessions, design challenges, workshops, and business networking sessions. In the last two days, we will go to rural areas and conduct a series of outreach design workshops with the villagers. We will engage them in a design thinking process in their natural settings to creatively think about contextualized solutions to improve their lives.

This year it is an honor to have key ACM SIGCHI members and renowned speakers joining us. Allison Druin (CHI 2016 co-chair and U.S. National Park Service, USA), Ben Bederson (University of Maryland, USA), Youn Kyung Lim (KAIST, South Korea), Andrew Harder (eBay, USA), and Henky Prihatna (Google, Indonesia) will inspire us with their acclaimed work in research and industry.

We look forward to seeing more and more of the ACM SIGCHI community be part of this premier HCI and UX outreach effort in Indonesia.

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Eunice Sari is the CEO and co-founder of UX Indonesia (, ACM SIGCHI Southeast Asia Liason, and a Google Expert in UX/UI. [email protected]

Adi (Josh) Tedjasaputra is the director and co-founder of UX Indonesia ( and an expert in user experience, the Internet of Things, and digital technology. [email protected]

Tuomo Kujala (Ed.) is ACM SIGCHI vice president for chapters. [email protected]

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