XXVIII.2 March - April 2021
Page: 112
Digital Citation

And, you hold power

Nia Easley

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Contributor: Nia Easley

Curator/Editor: Amanda Windle

This is a single page magazine version of a text-based installation by Chicago artist Nia Easley that reads: Aanii Hello Hola Γεια σου (Ya Sou) You have adapted to this place. And, you hold power. Visible in the exterior Gallery 400 windows along Van Buren Street in Chicago, this text-based work considers ideas of place and belonging amid the ever-changing neighborhood around Gallery 400, as well as in the city of Chicago. Sited in public space, the work employs several languages (Ojibwe, Spanish, English, and Greek) specific and important historically to the neighborhood around UIC. Across three panels, the text addresses viewers directly, encouraging reflection on one's agency in/on a site, in both the past and the future.

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