XXX.2 March - April 2023
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Digital Citation

Daughter ICE

Snow Yunxue Fu

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Contributor: Snow Yunxue Fu, [email protected]

Curator/Editor: Nia Easley

ins01.gif Daughter ICE is a long-term digital human art project created by new media artist Snow Yunxue Fu. Using 3D-imaging techniques such as modeling and texturing, she "gave birth" to a virtual daughter as a digital human. The physical and personality characteristics of Daughter ICE resemble those of both the artist and her mother, who is also an artist and educator, and who has profoundly influenced Fu as a person, artist, and educator. Like many other international families, due to the global pandemic, Fu has not seen her family members in person for a long time. Daughter ICE explores her deeper connection with her family within a virtual realm. The project allows Fu to dive into the implications of our digital selves as we experience intimacy across generational, familial, cultural, and continental lines.

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