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VI.3 May/June 1999
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Jennifer Bruer

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bullet.gif IUI 2000: International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
January 9-12, 2000

IUI 2000 is the annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community and serves as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces.

The IUI conference series addresses the theory, design, development, and evaluation of intelligent user interfaces in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Knowledge-based tools and environments for user interface design and development.
  • Intelligent agents and agent-based interaction.
  • Plan-based interfaces and plan recognition.
  • Automated presentation of information.
  • Automated integration of multimedia/multimodal input.
  • Intelligent interfaces for the Internet, for tasks such as design, navigation, brokering, access, and presentation.
  • Adaptive and customizable user interfaces.
  • Architectures for intelligent, cooperative, distributed, and multimodal interfaces.
  • Intelligent front-ends to interactive, multimedia, hypermedia, or knowledge-based systems.
  • User & discourse modeling and user adapted interaction.
  • Application-specific intelligent interfaces, in areas such as tutoring, information retrieval, decision support, computer-supported cooperative work, computer-aided design, entertainment, nomadic/ mobile computing, etc.
  • Evaluation methods and metrics for intelligent and agent-based interfaces.
  • Important Deadlines
  • Submissions due - July 2, 199
  • Review Notification - September 2, 1999
  • Final Submissions - September 15, 1999
  • Conference Co-Chairs
  • Doug Riecken
  • Bell Labs, USA
  • David Benyon
  • Napier University, UK
  • Program Chair
  • Henry Lieberman
  • MIT Media Lab, USA

For more information see the IUI 2000 website at

back to top  "Sibling Outlet" Wins Masters of the Web Design Competition

Sibling Outlet, a web site designed by the NMP division of AppNet, Inc. was declared the master's division winner of the Masters of the Web 98 Contest, the first national Web design competition to benefit charity. The announcement came at IDG's Demo 99 Conference. Sponsored by Allaire Corporation and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the contest challenged more than 650 Web designers to create a Web site in just 24 hours for a STARBRIGHT Foundation effort to help children cope with the challenges of having a seriously ill sibling.

The Masters of the Web 98 Contest addresses an important issue when treating seriously ill children: frequently the needs of siblings of these children are overlooked. NMP/AppNet's "Sibling Outlet" provides siblings of seriously ill children with a kid-friendly, interactive forum to gather and exchange information, as well as an online community where siblings can candidly share their feelings with each other. The web site can be found at

back to top  SmartVoice™ – A Voice Recognition System For Physicians

Berdy Medical Systems, Inc., the creators of Smart Clinic ®, a computer-based patient record system (CPR) announced the availability of SmartVoice, a proprietary voice recognition system. Using a microphone, SmartVoice allows physicians the ability to speak naturally into their CPR system instead of keying data.

SmartVoice provides HL-7 output which is the Health Care industry's standard protocol. This means that SmartVoice can be used as the front-end to any CPR system. Additionally, the "gisting" component, which enables understanding of the context of the physician's specialized language, can be used stand-alone to convert large volumes of legacy, historic, or current transcribed text into a usable database of patient information. This offers hospitals the opportunity to put their existing paper medical records, discharge summaries, etc. into a repository in a format that all authorized personnel can access and use.

SmartVoice technology was in part the result of a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Program (ATP). The purpose of the ATP grant is to enable research and development of information technologies that are far more efficient and less costly in the handling of medical information in the nation's healthcare industry.

back to top  Conversa Launches Into International Markets with the Commencement of European Operations

Conversa has commenced operations in Europe to grow the presence of its voice technology in several major language markets, meeting the growing demand for reliable speech technology in the PC and telecommunications markets for retail and corporate customers.

A German version of Conversa® Web, the company's award-winning, voice-driven Web browser will be released to the European market in late Q2, 1999. Localization of other European languages, as well as additional product offerings, will follow throughout 1999.

Office locations in the Netherlands are currently under consideration. In the meantime, Kari Paukkeri, President, European Operations, may be reached via Conversa's Web site

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