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Not so much losing a publication as gaining a Web site

Steven Pemberton

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The SIGCHI Bulletin has been around since July 1982. The first issue carried the surprising information that it was "Volume 14, number 1," since it had been born out of the SIGSOC Bulletin, that had (clearly) already been around for 13 years.

In its 21 years, the Bulletin has seen a lot of changes: SIGCHI has gone from a lowly SIG with 541 members in 1982, to one with ten times that many members now, to become the second largest SIG at ACM (only SIGGRAPH is larger). And the Bulletin has also gone through a lot of changes, going from a style news sheet, to a 100-page typeset journal style, to a 16-page news-sheet-with-a-Website published as a supplement to interactions. This issue of interactions marks the last paper-based version of the Bulletin, since it is now transitioning to a fully Web-based format.

This will have little effect on the content of interactions. We plan to have a one-page summary of what is new in the Bulletin, but interactions will continue to cover the HCI field, and the Bulletin will continue to cover society business.

Thank you to Joe Konstan for looking after the Bulletin in its most recent form, and thank you to Jonathan Arnowitz for taking it over to shepherd it into its new form (Jonathan, by the way, is also the person responsible for SIGCHI's new house style).

For more information about SIGCHI's and the Bulletin's history, see www.acm.org/sigchi/bulletin/1996.1/

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Steven Pemberton
(also a one-time editor of the Bulletin)

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