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DESIGN 2020: 16th International Design Conference (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
Conference Dates: May 18–21, 2020

Submission Deadlines
Full Papers: November 15, 2019

The DESIGN conference program offers broad exchange possibilities to researchers and practitioners, strategic decision makers, managers, design and engineering professionals, and national and regional agencies and governmental bodies. Participants discuss and develop further all aspects of design knowledge, from cognition and philosophy to methods and tools, and from research theory to practice.


CSEDU '20: 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (Prague, Czech Republic)
Conference Dates: May 2–4, 2020

Submission Deadlines
Full Papers: December 13, 2019

CSEDU is a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing new educational tools and environments, best practices, and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, and institutional policies on computer-supported education including open and distance education. It provides an overview of current technologies as well as upcoming trends, and promotes discussion about the pedagogical potential of new educational technologies in the academic and corporate world.


Special Interest Groups at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
Conference Dates: April 25–30, 2020

Submission Deadlines
Special Interest Group: December 18, 2019

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enable conference attendees sharing a common interest to meet informally for 75 minutes of facilitated discussion during a scheduled session at the conference. SIGs offer excellent opportunities for dialog and deliberation on a specific topic. The conference provides each SIG with meeting space and advertises SIG meetings to the rest of the conference in the Extended Abstracts and Conference Program.


ECSCW '20: 18th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (Siegen, Germany)
Conference Dates: June 13–17, 2020

Submission Deadlines
Full Papers: March 15, 2020

The ECSCW conferences are single-track conferences that contribute to developing an interdisciplinary ECSCW community. The conference format aims to facilitate critical discussion across disciplinary and national borders in the field. Accepted full papers are published by CSCW: The Journal of Collaborative Computing and Work Practices. The conference series is affiliated with the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET).

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* November

ILA '19: Interaction Latin America 2019 (Medellin, Columbia)
Conference Dates: October 31–November 2, 2019

INDIA HCI '19: 10th Edition of India HCI (Hyderabad, India)
Conference Dates: November 1–3, 2019

CIKM '19: 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (Beijing, China)
Conference Dates: November 3–7, 2019

ICCAD '19: 38th International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (Westminster, CO, USA)
Conference Dates: November 4–7, 2019

ACM ISS '19: ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (Daejeon, South Korea)
Conference Dates: November 10–13, 2019

VRST '19: 25th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (Sydney, Australia)
Conference Dates: November 12–15, 2019

Halfway to the Future Symposium (Nottingham, UK)
Conference Dates: November 19–20, 2019

MUM '19: 18th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (Pisa, Italy)
Conference Dates: November 26–29, 2019

* December

QuASoQ '19: 7th International Workshop on Quantitative Approaches to Software Quality (Putrajaya, Malaysia)
Conference Date: December 2, 2019

OZCHI '19: 31st Australian Conference on Human-Computer-interaction (Perth/Fremantle, Australia)
Conference Dates: December 3–5, 2019

ACM MM '19: 1st ACM International Conference on Multimedia in Asia (Beijing, China)
Conference Dates: December 16–18, 2019

CoNEXT '19: 15th International Conference on Emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (Orlando, FL, USA)
Conference Dates: December 9–12, 2019!/home

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