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XXVII.6 November - December 2020
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Upcoming SIGCHI elections: Some information and actions to be taken

Loren Terveen

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Elections for the SIGCHI Executive Committee will take place during Spring 2021. Read on to learn more about why elections are important and how you can participate.

SIGCHI is the premier international society for professionals, academics, and students who are interested in human-technology and human-computer interaction (HCI). We provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of HCI through our 24 sponsored and more than 40 in-cooperation conferences, publications, communities, websites, and other services.

SIGCHI is a membership-based, volunteer-driven organization, so all these events and activities are possible only through the efforts of volunteers. SIGCHI is led by the Executive Committee (EC), which includes elected officers, appointed officers, and the past president. The EC develops policies and provides resources to ensure the success of SIGCHI conferences. It also sets the vision and advocates for the entire field of HCI, providing funding for a broad range of activities, including summer and winter schools, and travel support for students and new scholars, particularly from new and previously marginalized communities.


The following positions are up for election in 2021:

  • President and executive vice president (who run together as a team); duties include managing the EC, selecting officers for appointed roles, and representing SIGCHI to ACM.
  • Vice president for membership and communications; duties include ensuring communication with the SIGCHI membership.
  • Vice president for finance; duties include preparing the annual SIGCHI budget and overseeing SIGCHI finances.
  • Two vice president at large positions; duties determined in consultation with the president and executive VP.

back to top  Action: Nominate Someone

A nominating committee is leading the process of assembling the slate of candidates. The committee is diverse in terms of areas of expertise, career stage, demographics, and geography. An open call for nominations can be found at: Wanted are candidates who are familiar with the role of SIGCHI, have relevant volunteer experience, and have a vision for what they hope to accomplish as members of the Executive Committee. The committee also is committed to assembling a slate of candidates who jointly represent the diversity of the SIGCHI community.

Historically only about 10 percent of SIGCHI members have participated in elections, so your vote can make a difference!

Nominations (including self-nominations) are accepted through November 20, 2020. Please include a brief statement addressing the nominee's qualifications. The slate of candidates will be announced by January 15, 2021.

back to top  Action: Vote For Your Representatives

All SIGCHI members are eligible to participate in the election. However, you must be a member of SIGCHI, not just ACM, by March 15, 2021—visit to check your membership status and join. By April, members will receive email from ACM with specific voting instructions. Read the candidate bios upon receiving your ballot and feel free to speak with your colleagues about the candidates. What do they bring to the table with regard to vision and experience? And don't forget to vote: Historically only about 10 percent of SIGCHI members have participated in elections, so your vote can make a difference!

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Loren Terveen is past president of SIGCHI and a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. His research area is social computing, with a focus on peer-production systems and the quantitative analysis of social media data. [email protected]

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