XXVII.6 November - December 2020
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Zip your mouth

Helen Remick

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Contributor: Helen Remick, [email protected]

ins01.gif As an at-risk person, I dream of going out again when we reach Covid Phase 4. What masks will I need for special occasions? A plastic inset in a mask allows my husband to read my lips. A thin coating of dish soap doesn't taste good, but it keeps the plastic from fogging up. Masks with openings allow for drinking and eating while offering maximum protection for wait staff and friends. Openings for drinking from bottles or straws have puffy lips to create pressure closures. Larger mouth openings mimic jaw structure, with hinging on each side. Zippers provide closure. The baring of the teeth of the zippers invokes an unintended sense of menace. The shiny gold mask uses an invisible zipper closure to be less threatening and has two zippers opening in the middle for adjustable exposure. "Zip your mouth" takes on a new meaning with these masks.

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